Tonight with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan ITV 7pm (not Scotland). Rich and Judy's new show kicks off with a real scoop, interviewing OJ Simpson for a fee of pounds 1 (4042).

Fair Game C4 8pm. Greg Dyke returns with a new series of sports investigations by looking at the trade in schoolboy footballers (4232).

Omnibus BBC2 10.40pm. Beeban Kidron turns the camera on photographer Eve Arnold, best known for her intimate portraits of movie stars (283435).


Without Walls: Painted Ladies 9.30pm C4. Vivienne Westwood presents a new three-part series looking into the relationship between fashion and art (15627).

Network First: Inside Burma 10.40pm ITV. John Pilger brings to light some of the atrocities committed in Burma (or Myanmar, as it is now known) under the country's brutal military dictatorship (289220).

Film: Catch-22 (Mike Nichols 1970 US) 11.25pm BBC1. Ambitious filming of Joseph Heller's World War Two novel (983288).


Modern Times: The Zone 9pm BBC2. Life, or what passes for it, in the UN's Zone of Separation, between the warring factions in Northern Bosnia. Which brings us on to... (184202).

Dispatches 9pm C4. A teacher takes a hidden camera into an "ordinary" classroom to reveal the true state of British schools today (468776).

Film: Excalibur (John Boorman 1981 UK/US) 11.20pm BBC1. Vivid, serious- minded retelling of the Arthurian legend, with Nicol Williamson, Nigel Terry and Helen Mirren (43031660).


Hollywood Pets 8.30pm ITV. Animals in art - either as subjects (see above), or as artists themselves. Come see a gallery given over to paintings executed by cats (9448).

Witness 9pm C4. Journalist Lindsey Hilsum wonders how the atrocities in Rwanda could have happened in a predominantly Catholic country. What role did the Catholic Church play in the genocide? (6871).

The Poisoned Chalice 9.30pm BBC2. Ted Heath puts Britain in the EEC (245531).


We Are (Not) Amused 7.30pm BBC2. A history of cartoons lampooning the royal family, from the 18th-century until today (123).

Life after Birth 9.30pm C4. Emma Cunniffe plays a fun-loving twentysomething suddenly lumbered with a baby boy in this new sitcom being labelled a "Nineties Liver Birds" (35678).

Pilot Paradise - Happy Ever After 11.15pm BBC2. First of three pilots which became "comedy classics". This one is set in the home of Terry and June Fletcher. Say no more (573920).