Diana: Her True Story has made BSkyB ratings history. Both episodes outstripped audiences for any previous shows. The first was watched by 2.05 million, the second by 1.51m. The Simpsons, normally BSkyB's most popular show, receives a regular audience of around 1m.

The Michael Jackson Interview, watched by 38m when it was shown live in the US, was seen by 11.52m in Britain. This is phenomenally high for BBC2: it is the channel's biggest audience since 11.71m watched the 1989 Wimbledon men's singles final between Boris Becker and Stephan Edberg.

Since the soap was launched last July, Eldorado's audience has decreased from just under 11m to 5.2m. The last two months, however, have seen a revival: audiences have often exceeded 7m, and one recent episode hit 8.18m, the top Eldorado audience since its second week.

More see-sawing in breakfast television ratings. GMTV, which had slipped from 2m (quarter-hour peak audience) to 1.7m, has moved up to 1.9m; The Big Breakfast, which peaked last week at 1.3m, is down to 1.1m; BBC1's Breakfast News is up to 1.5m, its highest for the year.

All figures for week ending 21 Feb

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