For the Love of... (12am C4) "Diana Conspiracy Theories". Was Princess Diana murdered and, if so, who did it? Jon Ronson - from the give-them-enough-rope school of panel chairing - gathers an assortment of those who refuse to believe that Di was simply killed in an accident (or by the drunken driver of an irresponsible playboy, if you prefer). They range from the professionally conspiracy-minded (Simon Regan of Scallywag; Jeff Steinberg from US magazine Executive Intelligence Review) to the plainly deranged. A super-conspiracy involving MI6, the CIA and the Masons emerges from the gloom, with "the second car" attaining the iconic status of the "the grassy knoll" in JFK conspiracy theories.

Panorama (10pm BBC1) Following yesterday's Countryside Alliance march on London, reporter Jane Corbin investigates why the farmers are revolting. It's all in the subsidies - or promised slashing of them - apparently.

Local Heroes (8pm BBC2). Adam Hart-Davis is back, with his dayglo cycling gear and hands-on enthusiasm - celebrating the inventors of Devon and Cornwall, including those responsible for the steam engine and gas lighting.

THe film

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (3.30pm C5) Easily the best of the screen versions of Victor Hugo's classic novel. Charles Laughton had just returned to Hollywood in 1939 from his second self-imposed exile in England when he let rip with his brilliant Quasimodo - a performance too rich for some tastes. There are other delights, though, including a literate script and striking photography. Maureen O'Hara, in her American debut, is the sweet colleen who gets Laughton's bells ringing.