To the Ends of the Earth (8pm C4) The Hanover was a packet boat coming in from Lisbon one December night in 1763 when it was wrecked off the notoriously dangerous North Cornwall coast. It was supposedly laden with gold and diamonds, which has attracted scavengers across the centuries - but none with the financial backing and technological know-how of Colin Martin and his team. Adam Tysoe's film follows Martin's battle with the shifting sands and bureaucrats in London.

Planet Football (6pm C4) For those who can already be bothered to get their brains around the World Cup (plenty of chance for that later in the summer), Steve Cram and former Brookside actor Simon O'Brien are your hosts in this guide to some of the nations who will be taking part. First stop is the host nation, France, and action from Paris St Germain and Lyon is interspersed with notes on the likes of Zidane, Deschamps, Dugarry and Djorakeff.

Vile Bodies (10.55pm C4). The contentious issue of art photographers using nude children as subjects is addressed in the second of this series - especially by Sally Mann, the US artist who uses her own children as models.

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Paris Trout (11.55pm BBC1) That Dennis Hopper being scary again - this time, sporting one of cinema's most terrifying haircuts as a racist in 1949 Georgia put on trial for killing a black woman and her daughter. He's ably supported by the perennially overlooked Barbara Hershey, as the wife horrified to realise what she's married to - and Ed Harris as the lawyer who offers her sanctuary. But Hopper's the mesmerising centre here, against a backdrop of Robert Elswit's shimmering photography.