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Reputations: Billie Jean King (9pm BBC2). A fresh series of Reputations begins with the campaigning tennis champ, and comes not to bury the former Miss Moffatt, but to praise her as the single most important female tennis player ever. The fiercely competitive daughter of an Avon Lady from Long Beach, California, went on to rid the sport of "shamateurism" (all payments under the table) and sexual inequality. This was a time when men played for prize money of pounds 25,000 in the same tournament in which women were competing for pounds 2,000 (as 1966 Wimbledon champ, by the way, King won a pounds 45 Harrods gift token). Her fight embroiled her in Seventies feminism, before a fall from grace following her outing by a lesbian lover. "My sexuality was the biggest battle of my life," she says in a fascinating film.

The Clampers (9.30pm BBC1) Hugely entertaining new docu-soap following the daily barrage of abuse suffered by traffic wardens operating in Southwark, south London. Star of the piece is Ray ("loads of clamps today, yeah"), who bears a happy resemblance to PC Goodie in The Thin Blue Line. He's joined by burly bailiff Keith, who tows away cars from those who haven't paid their parking fines.

THe film

Lord of the Flies (12.05am BBC1) Harry Hook (son of Hilary Hook, the subject of that fabulous BBC documentary about an old colonial adapting to life in Britain, Home from the Hill) followed up his promising debut, The Kitchen Toto, with this adaptation of William Golding's parable. It changes the public school-boys into cadets from an American military academy, and, while nowhere as adventurous as Peter Brook's 1963 version, Hook ellicits some nice performances from his young cast.