Dan Pearson: Routes around the World (8pm C4) We've met Dan Pearson before. He's that mop-haired, softly spoken young landscape gardener who was helping clueless homeowners transform their backyards into pastoral idylls a couple of years back. He escapes that tired old format in this new series, visiting both Japan and America for fresh inspiration. He's in Kyoto in this first programme, in the company of Zen priest and fellow garden designer Shunmyo Masuno. There they take in a gravel garden (imagine an obsessively raked driveway with a few rocks thrown in - good for clearing the mind, apparently), a moss garden, and the gardens of the Imperial Palace of Kasura Rikyu, so impeccably manicured that Dan admits that they make him want to run across a large field like a red setter.

Coronation Street (7.30pm ITV) Not so long ago, Coronation Street was the best sitcom on ITV, thanks to characters like Mavis and Derek Wilton. In a way, this was a sign of decadence for a soap, and many of the older, more cuddly characters are being culled. Actress Thelma Barlow, in Corrie since 1971, bows out tonight, off to open a B&B in the Lakes - unless she's been put off by Jimmy McGovern.