What precautions am I taking? Put it this way: I am not keen on leaving the rosary beads around the driver's mirror.

Catholic taxi driver in Belfast after the attempted murder of another colleague by loyalists

You've got a dictator who is prepared to launch war upon his neighbours, and if he isn't stopped ... the effects will be worse for the whole of the world in the long term.

Blair on Saddam Hussein

Resorting to force is not desirable in the current situation, and would not solve the problems we are confronted with.

Hubert Vedrine, French foreign minister, after a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Yevgeny Primakov

Take this from an experienced Pimm's drinker like me. If you want to drink, wait until you are older. But if you cannot wait, dilute the drink with one part Pimm's to six parts of lemonade at least.

Mr Justice Rougier to a 14-year-old girl allegedly assaulted and raped by a 13-year-old boy

The purpose of my lighthearted comment was to send her away in a happier frame of mind. (in response to criticism)

The first time you say to anyone that we want to produce human sperm in mice, they look at you with frank horror.

Australian Dr Roger Short defending the news that mice can be created to produce human sperm to help infertile men

It is one thing to have a secretary you fall in love with but quite another thing to try to put your secretary, who is also your mistress, into someone else's job.

Anne Bullen, ex-diary secretary to Robin Cook

I guess I saved the Navy pounds 25 million.

Harrier pilot who dropped 37,000 feet in 30 seconds when his cockpit canopy exploded to bring the plane safely back to the carrier

If you tell the network manager not to bother with his central control because you've got a lot of ants that will run around and do it for him, it causes some nervousness.

Professor Winter, head of BT's future systems group, on a new method of unblocking 'traffic jams' in computerised exchanges, which copies the behaviour of ants searching for food

Asking what it represents is just not an appropriate question. It's supposed to represent the first civilisation of man.

Artist Richard Gibson on his potentially short-lived structures of mud and wood which cost pounds 5,000 of Lottery money and have been likened to the nearby rubbish bins

The repetitive nature [of household chores] is similar in its effect to the orgasm.

Valerie Swales, lecturer at Portsmouth University, on the results of a French sociologist's study showing that chores can bring intense pleasure to a woman's life