It's a piece of social engineering Stalin would have been proud of - because what we are saying is that if you are unfortunate enough to become widowed, or be divorced or abandoned, you will not have the choice of looking after your children.

Alice Mahon, parliamentary private secretary to Chris Smith, on Labour's "New Deal"

I'm horrified. I thought I was at the darkest point in my life - now this.

Paula Yates, on learning that DNA tests have confirmed her as the daughter of the late Hughie Green

If they don't give it to me, it's still my second home. I'm enjoying having the support of the ordinary people, for which I'm very happy. And I'll be here for ever.

Mohamed Al Fayed on his quest for British citizenship

He is a friend, and I wouldn't ask a favour of a friend.

Chris Evans on why he didn't invite Tony Blair on to his radio show after attending a reception at No10

I'm not too happy about the hair. He hasn't got enough of it.

Ffion Jenkins on fiance William Hague's waxwork at Madame Tussaud's

We have every reason to be pleased. We have increased the figures [for reduction of emissions] by a tremendous amount. We're very very happy about that.

John Prescott after the deal in Kyoto

This deal falls tragically short of providing us with any climate protection and will, because of loopholes, lead to increased emissions in the industrialised world.

Matthew Spencer of Greenpeace

I am not a prude. The Prodigy are a very good group. But they should think about the message they are trying to give out.

Barry Gardiner MP on the Prodigy's single, 'Smack My Bitch Up'

My name is Ilixch Ramirez Sanchez. My profession is professional revolutionary. The world is my domain.

Carlos the Jackal

This kind of work has a place in modern art that goes back to Picasso - he made a series of sculptures in 1914 from scrap wood he found in the streets.

Simon Wilson, the Tate Gallery's curator of interpretation, on an exhibit comprising a wheelie bin full of rubbish

I have too much respect for Elton and Sting - not to mention the memory of Gianni - to indulge in such petty power plays.

Madonna, on reports that the three singers had fallen out over who should perform at a party to honour Gianni Versace

We are absolutely devastated. We don't blame God. This hasn't affected our faith. If anything, we are humbled before God.

Linda Perham, who with her husband David has had to close their magazine promoting Christian family values because of poor sales.