We can't accept someone getting preferential treatment, even if it is a Princess.

Jean-Louis Arajol, French police union leader, on the millions of francs spent on investigating the death of Princess Diana

The racial mix of its staff of at least 5,000 is more "ethnic" than the population of Greater London.

Harrods spokesman denying racial discrimination after an industrial tribunal awarded a black florist pounds 16,500 compensation.

Saddam has calculated they can bomb him. If they hit one of his palaces, he has 30 more.

Arab envoy to Jordan commenting on Iraq's decision to bar Americans from UN weapons inspections.

I can't understand it. Why's he leaving? He's got such a lovely property which he's spent a lot of money on.

Dickie Bird puzzling over Geoffrey Boycott's plan to move to Bournemouth from his home in Woolley, Yorkshire.

The tobacco industry and Formula One have heavied the government.

Clive Bates, director of the anti-smoking campaign group ASH.

This shows he was not an airy genius with his head in the clouds: while he was creating the greatest works in the canon, he was simultaneously fiddling around with a bit of land.

Lord Morris, former editor of the 'New Arden Shakespeare', on the importance of a deed of sale for107 acres to Shakespeare.

The words I desperately wanted to say - and could not - were, 'Give me my briefcase back'.

Boris Yeltsin's on his first thoughts after waking up from heart surgery.

We are sure that Mrs Blair behaved and dressed with complete propriety.

Downing Street spokesman on reports that the Prime Minister's wife wore trousers to meet the Queen, and failed to curtsy to her.

I had to have my varicose veins out at 19. I think the corsets accelerated the process.

Helena Bonham Carter on the health risks of Merchant-Ivory productions.

In New Labour there is room to be friends with everyone. I can say, 'Mon ami, Lionel' just as I can say, 'Mon ami, Jacques'. I am able to get on with both equally well.

Tony Blair, asked whom he felt closer to - the French Prime Minister or the French President

I have got the business of pulling them on down to a fine art.

Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor, on the "ludicrous" silk tights he has to wear every day.

The overwhelming majority of parents know the difference between smacking and beating.

Paul Boateng, Health Minister