As half-term hovers into view, make sure you have one of these secret weapons on hand to beat boredom

{1} Klutz Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered

So you think you can’t draw? This inspired book by celebrated illustrator Quentin Blake, aimed at eight years and over, might just prove you wrong. Dubbed as a sketchbook with training wheels, there’s plenty of space to play, but handrails of help round the edges.


{2} Galt Water Magic

Has six reusable pictures to colour with the water-pen included, with the colours appearing magically time and time again. There’s hardboard backing on every page, keeping it durable.


{3} Jolly Phonics Activity Book

The Jolly Phonics range is perfect for developing and reinforcing childrens’ reading and writing skills. The activity books have stickers, mazes, puzzles, games and handwriting practice, so you can expect a cheer instead of a groan when it’s time for homework.


{4} M&S 2000 Stickers for Boys

Get creative, squiggling, doodling, puzzling and creating with this inventive, varied and multi-coloured activity book that includes 2,000 stickers to complete scenes, embellish drawings and  decorate favourite things. There are separate versions for boys and girls.


{5} Klutz Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Make charmed and beaded friendship bracelets to share with your best buddies. With clear instructions and great illustrations to demonstrate various ideas, with five differently coloured threads and oodles of beads and charms.


{6} The Usborne Astronomy and Space Sticker Book

With more than 130 stickers, this visually pleasing and mentally stimulating book offers a exhilarating introduction to the wonders of space. Find out what it’s like to live in space, how stars are born, how robots explore the solar system and much more.


{7} Priddy My First Colour and Activity Book

Priddy excels in creating large and sturdy activity books that are packed with bold colours and plenty of activities for small children. This one comes complete with a carry handle and activities ranging from matching dinos to spot the difference. There are separate  versions for boys and girls.


{8} Buster Books Colour By Numbers

Kids will love following the number codes to transform every page into a mighty masterpiece. There’s a nice mix to suit your mood or timescale. Some are easy, others are far more complex.


{9} The Usborne Big Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring

Pricey, but packed with inspirational ideas, with everything from odd socks for colouring in to hot air balloons to design and from shapes to turn into monsters to treasure maps to complete. 


{10} Crayola One, Two at the Zoo

This is a great way to get young children confident with pen control, as well as to get them practising early maths skills. Track animals through mazes, dive into drawing activities or search for the correct answers to basic maths puzzles – then wipe it clean and start again another day.