Decided to grow a moustache for charity this month? Then remember, remember, our tips for Movember

1. Beard Lube

The facial wizardry that is the handlebar-and-goatee combo requires a steady hand and a bit of skill. So invest in this beard lube from Jack Black: it consists of a clear gel, meaning that you can see where you're shaving, resulting in nick-free skin.

From £7,

2. Super Stubble

If you already sport a full-on beard but are willing to pare it down to just the handlebar style for Movember, you don't have to shave the rest of your beard off. Instead, manscape some suitable looking stubble with this little gadget from BaByliss. It works in the shower, too.


3. Shaving Brush

Your top lip will probably become fairly attached to its hairy companion over the coming weeks, so if they must part company, let it be with care and attention. First off, you'll need to apply a luxurious foam to soak into the hair and soften it. If you use this Badger brush, you'll do so with a certain amount of flair and panache.


4. Citrus and Vetiver Elixir

This potion should be gently massaged into your facial hair; it'll keep any new moustache you might be growing for Movember looking particularly glossy. The fragrance is fairly invigorating, too.


5. The Marvellous Moustache Box

This kit contains all you could wish for when cultivating a flawless moustache. Not only are you provided with a comb, scissors and wax, you'll also get an expert guide on how to cultivate that shapely bit of facial hair.


6. Shave Oil

A well-groomed moustache is the sign of the perfect gentleman while the style you choose to grow is all down to personal preference. So, say you were to opt for the Magnum, PI, then the rest of your face would need to be pretty clean-shaven. This shave oil gives a close, accurate shave and moisturises along the way.


7. Moustache Comb

Growing a suitable looking 'tache is the easy part. It's the maintenance that could catch you out. The classic handlebar needs to be thick, bushy and well kept, which is where this comb comes in handy. And £2 from every one sold is invested back into men's health.


8. Dual Action ShaveMud

Come December, this shave mud can double as a cleansing face mask that replaces lost nutrients to a freshly shaved upper lip. You could also apply this mud to the 'tache while it's still in situ, helping to nourish and condition your pride and joy.


9. Razor

If you're growing a 'tache for Movember it's for a very noble cause: you'll be helping to raise awareness for men's-health issues. If you decide not to keep your new furry friend at the end of the month, then dispatch him with style – and a flourish – with this fancy razor.


10. Moustache Wax

It's important to ensure any moustache you grow is in fine fettle, so keeping it in shape and giving it that extra bit of body is paramount. This fancy little tub of wax is lightly scented so will keep your 'tache looking and smelling dandy.