The 10 Best umbrellas

With winter rains on the way, now is the time to invest in these wet-weather shields that will keep the damp away in style

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1. London Undercover Brussels Sprout


Endearingly kooky and light enough to slip into your bag. Has a wooden handle and cotton strap.

2. Brooks Brothers


Brooks Brothers are renowned for their brand of leisured elegance – and this jet-black, push-button contraption is no departure.

3. Jeffery West Devil's had


Fancy yourself as a latter-day Beau Brummel? Then this black number with its massive devil's head is for you.

4. Fulton Slinger


It may be grey out but it's always bright with the Fulton Slinger, with its luminous day-brightening trim and flexible fibreglass ribs.

5. Senz Smart


This has the aesthetic of a space rocket and is so aerodynamic that the wind won't invert it, even if it is blowing at 50mph.

6. Jeffery West Classic


The detailing of the handles, the silver choker and the capacious tightly-rolled canopy are a wonder of British workmanship.

7. Polka Dot Umbrella


This is small, cheap and clever. It's octagonal in shape, light and has a very handy mechanism that allows it to slip inside out in a high wind.

8. GustBuster Metro


An umbrella for your very own windy city. It's made of a hardened steel and has a hexagaonal ribs and a reinforced shaft.

9. Ella Ella LED


This umbrella with its acrylic central column full of multicoloured fibre optic lights is goodfor those forbidding winter evenings.

10. See-Through Deluxe


The Queen uses transparent umbrellas so we can see in, but they are just as useful for us to see out. It's tougher than it looks, too.