They may not look like magicians, but this collection of artists behind the Tate's new `Abracadabra' exhibition have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. Prepare to be amazed
So just who among this mild-mannered-looking bunch is responsible for a dead horse suspended from the ceiling of the Tate Gallery? And who spun melted chocolate into replicas of famous photographs?

The creators of this exhibition, entitled "Abracadabra", are 15 contemporary artists from around the world, linked by their sense of the mysterious and mischievous. (In fact, one's so cheeky she didn't turn up for this group portrait.)

In a specially created space at the Tate, visitors should expect to be shocked, moved, tickled and amazed by the art. Oh, and take a few friends - there's a table-football set big enough for 22 players. n

`Abracadabra' is at the Tate Gallery until 26 September 1999

Back row, left to right: Xavier Veilhan, France; Katy Schimert, US; Patrick Corrilon, Belgium; Eric Duyckaerts, Belgium; Paul Noble, UK; Keith Edmier, US; Pierrick Sorin, France

Front row, left to right: Maurizio Cattelan, Italy; Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Belgium; Vik Muniz, Brazil; Momoyo Torimitsu, Japan; Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Spain; Brigitte Zieger, Germany; Emma Kay, UK