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London's new swinging status seems to be sweeping the country in a wave of feel-good self-congratulation. Clubs are pumping, fashion's selling and, hey, we've even got a film industry set in this century. Not since the Silver Jubilee has Britain's be-flared youth exuded such confidence. So why not wave the flag of national cinema old and new at the Dazed and Confused British Film Tour? A patriotic portfolio, includes Eureka, introduced by Nic Roeg and The Great Rock `n` Roll Swindle. Kate Hardie (right) will talk about starring in Antonia Bird's wonderful film Safe.

UCI, Whiteleys, London (0990 888990) 2-5 Dec, pounds 3


The League of Gentlemen (above) are a comedy group who indulge in the blackest of black humour. Not for them the chummy complicity of the stand-up. No, this is the kind of nasty, childish comedy that involves strapping your nose up with Sellotape to impersonate the porcine, inbred members of a rural backwater. Ungentlemanly maybe, but the humour's top hole. Catch them on tour. Komedia, Manchester St, Brighton (01273 277772) 4-7 Dec 8pm


After the dark days of ELO, My Life Story are at the forefront of the new, credible orchestral revival. Along with the Divine Comedy and Blur, these are cheeky post- modernist poseurs unafraid to draft in a string section or two to add a little grandeur. Catch the last gig of their tour tonight. Warwick University (01203 523523)


Beads, feathers, jewellery, masks, London's Theatre Museum has emptied the contents of its huge dressing-up box for a new exhibition called "Dressing The Part", which explores the techniques and design skills involved in costuming (above). Learn about fabrication, "armoury maintenance", or attend a special workshop with prop-maker Steven Gregory (whose feathered the nests of Take That and the Royal Ballet) to discover the art of costume wings. Theatre Museum, London (0171-836 7891) Tue-Sun 11am-7pm pounds 3.50, workshop today 12.30pm


In the early 1920s, German art historian ad psychiatric doctor Hans Prinzhorn amassed a collection of some 6,000 paintings, drawings, objects and collages made by patients of psychiatric hospitals throughout Europe. His collection influenced artists of the avant-garde and surrealist movement but, 10 years later, it was declared by the Nazis as degenerate and fell into disrepair. Now, restored and curated, 200 works are on loan to the Hayward Gallery for a remarkable exhibition, Art of the Insane. Together, these works (all created between 1890 and 1920) provide an insight into the nature of artistic expression and the links between creativity and the irrational.

Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London (0171-921 0600) Thur to 23 Feb, 10am-6pm, pounds 5


I know why the caged bird sings. It's because it's preening itself ready for The National Cage and Aviary Bird Exhibition which takes off in Birmingham today. A staggering 100,000 birds will be on sale and if you get weary of ploughing your way through the plumage you can always enjoy the Taking Bird competition, judged by Johnny Morris. Elsewhere, performing parrots will be hard at work roller-skating and riding bicycles. NEC, Birmingham (0121-780 4133) today & Sun 9.30am-7pm pounds 3-pounds 7, u12s free. Today 10am Johnny Morris judging competition