On October 5 UK-based independent consumer appliance watchdog Which? released the results of the company's "best buy fridges" report in which 80 refrigerators from brands such as Bosch, Neff and Zanussi were tested and graded on their performance.

Of the 80 fridges tested, 13 were awarded "best buy" status and one was marked out as a "don't buy" item.

Top of the "best buy" table with a score of 91 percent was the Neff K4624x4GB; this tall refrigerator retails for around €938. In second place with a score of 87 percent but for a much lower price was the Bosch KSR30N01GB which retails for an average price of €385.

Within the top ten "best buys" the most frequently recurring brands were Neff, which appeared three times, Beko also in three times and Lec which had two refrigerators in the top ten.

The dubious honor of being awarded a "don't buy" status from Which? went to the Hotpoint RLAV21 worktop/ counter height refrigerator. The RLAV21 received a score of 31 percent and retails for around €156.

The top ten "best buy" refrigerators as judged by Which? are as follows:

1.       Neff K4624x4GB - 91%
2.       Bosch KSR30N01GB - 87%
3.       Neff K5604X7GB - 84%
4.       Lec L6046W - 84%
5.       Beko TLDA662- 83%
6.       Beko TLDA521S-82%
7.       Zanussi ZRG717CW - 81%
8.       Beko  TLDA625W -81%
9.       Neff K4316X4GB -77%
10.     Lec L5546W-77% (since discontinued)

For more information about Which? See www.which.co.uk