A Vision

I was in my bed when a thing came into my room. It was some sort of bug. I screamed. It didn't move. I felt an urge. It came at me and bit me but it didn't hurt. Suddenly, I felt a kind of madness and an urge to kill. I walked out of the house. I walked through the street. I jumped on the first person I saw.

I had killed my first victim.

And that was not all.

I was now a murderer. I felt now as if I was in another world. Then there was a flash. I was now in a very strange place with lots of electric things. I saw a doctor. He came towards me. The thing that was behind him I saw was an electric chair. I know I knew I was going to die but I leapt at him and bit him.

Then there was a flash.

Daniel Sharman, 9

Hanover School, London

The garden

Jake was bored. He had been playing with the same two cars for half an hour and he still had not done his homework.

He went down to his garden to water the plants.

He knelt down to water the roses and then he saw the roses twitch. He put up his finger but there was no wind.

Suddenly, the roses pulled him into the soil. He missed a millipede by a millimetre. He was in an underground tunnel. All was silent. He had walked for five minutes. But he had only walked an inch.

He had also shrunk down a few sizes. In fact, he was microscopic.

Then he saw some roots coming towards him.

He dodged the first two. But the third one got him.

What happened next is not clear, but he found himself with a big colony of ants. He looked down at his feet and realised he was an ant. But he was a red ant and all the ants around him were black ants. They said to Jake: "If you refuse to do your homework, you will for ever be an ant." Jake promised he would do his homework. He went back to normal size and he always did his homework thereafter.

Lawrence Templeton, 8

Hanover School, London

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