Accident at sea
Once a little girl called Shannon was going to Australia to visit her auntie and uncle. She was nine and on her own. She was on a big ship. It was the second day of the journey. Some people were going down in cages to look at the sharks. Shannon was going, too. She had just stepped in the cage when something hit the ship and the cage door slammed shut! The cage and ship sank and people were getting torn up by sharks.

Shannon saw a massive whale trying to lift the boat above the water and save the people. The whale rushed to Shannon, who was running out of oxygen. It swam to the surface with the cage and Shannon got out on the whale's back.

They slowly drifted to a small island. Suddenly the whale spoke. It turned into a monkey and came on to the island and said: "I am Thumbtack. Sorry about the accident, I am a bit clumsy sometimes."

Shannon was too surprised to talk. As Shannon fainted, Thumbtack quickly turned into a bed. She landed safely on him.

When Shannon woke up Thumbtack told her about how lonely he got and he said he could turn her into anything she wanted. Shannon had always wanted to be a mermaid with a pet dolphin. Thumbtack promised he would take her to Australia to see her auntie and uncle, then to see her parents, if she would stay with him.

She agreed. Shannon and Thumbtack changed into the mermaid and the dolphin before they went to Australia to get there sooner, but they did not know that something strange had happened and she would not be able to change back to a girl.

They decided to just live in the sea happily ever after, but they were the only ones that knew what had happened to the ship that day.

Katherine Simpson, aged 11, Lowton St Luke's Primary School, Warrington

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