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Mad For It @ Heaven WC2 (0171 916 2123)

22.00 - 03.00 pounds 3 NUS

Brand new student night which avoids the dour indie popster cum cider binge nights of yore, plumping instead for darn good DJs, a diverse selection of sounds and a cheap drinks policy. This week its the turn of Project 23 to wreck the decks.

Stereo Checkout @ The Fridge Bar SW2 (0171 326 5100)22.00 - 02.00 free

How is it Sarf Landon always seems to get the best freebie DJ bar nights? Stereo Checkout is yet another to add to the itinery. Expect an intimitely chilled vibe and a whole caboodle of experimental sounds. Resident PJ invites along some rather cool guests for a sprinkling of sonic skulduggery.

Ramshackle @ The Blue Note N1 (0171 729 8440) 21.00 - 05.00 pounds 5

Nu-cool London based label Kontraband present a one off gig from priests of languid beats and sleazy soul Ramshakle. Vinyl spinning action comes courtesy of Freewheelin' Franklin and Crispin.

The Pinch @ The Gardening Club WC2 (0171 497 3154) 22.00 - 02.30 pounds 5/pounds 4 Pinch membs/pounds 3 student membs

Highly successful and long running weekly foray into the hard house arena with resident Fabio Paras. This week he's joined by Charlie Hall for a descent into the dark side of house. Scary!

Nite Lite @ ICA Bar SW1 (0171 930 3647) 21.30 - 01.00 pounds 3/pounds 2.50 conc/ICA membs free

Fancy a bit o' culcha? Pulp Faction brings together some rather hip scribe and muso types for a night of readings with incorporated beats 'n' pieces. Writers include Iain Sinclair, Kirk Lane and Sophie with backing from drum 'n' bass outfit Subhead.

Swarfinger Records Dictionary @ Notting Hill Arts Club W11(0171 460 4459) 21.00 - 01.00 free

Bristol based Swarfinger Records bring their own brand of deck wizardry to the Portabello posse with a live performance from the apprpriately titled Experimental Pop Band.

Wax Cherry @ Jerusalem W1 (0171 722 8866) 21.00 - 03.00 pounds 3/free b4 22.30

How can you forgoe a night with a music policy which crosses the borders of hip hop all the way thru' to barber shop? Vegetable Vision and Creation's 18 Wheeler bring us what sounds like a rather intoxicated fortnighter. Guest DJs tonight are Kris Needs and Jim Reid, of Jesus and Mary Chain fame.

Beat Da Bomb @ The Bomb, Nottingham (0115 950 6667) 22.00 - 02.30 pounds 3.50/pounds 3 membs

Manchester's techno heroes, James Holroyd and Rob Bright, take the sound of Bugged Out to the Midlands with guest slots from Underworld's Darren Emerson, Doc Scott and Ricky Moon Boots. Apply deodrant liberally and expect to sweat.

Recombination @ 333 Club EC1 (0171 739 5949) 22.00 - 04.00 pounds 7/pounds 6 flyer/pounds 5 membs

One off techno/trance/experimental fest with an endless list of top notch Technic trickmasters and a live PA from techno fiend Si Begg. Three floors are dedicated to the sounds pulled from the record boxes of Deano, Murf, Alex Silverfish, Moonpup, Hero UDA and many more from across the globe. For those who can't take the fierce line up there will be Manga movies in the cinema lounge.

Let the Minstrels Play On @ The Blue Note N1 (0181 830 6885)22.00 - 03.00 pounds 5/pounds 3 b4 23.00

Love your latin? Enjoy your jazz? How about some fusion grooves? The BBE boys shake some tail feathers for their eighth album release with the help of Patrick Forge, Dr Bob Jones and Kevin Beadle. Arrive early for a free CD.

Back2Front @ Jerusalem W1 (0956 470210) 20.00 - 02.00 pounds 3/free b4 23.00

Join Stuart Patterson and guests every week for some back room sounds past, present and future. The dastardly duo that are the Una Bombers are down tonight with their own brand of hip hop style action.

New Hard Left @ The Blue Note N1 (0171 729 8440)22.00 - 05.00 pounds 10/pounds 8 concs

Harvey's now legendary seven hour monthly session traversing the nu-house borders with inexplicable ease. Arrive early as its guaranteed to be heaving.

R Solution @ The Dragon SE1 (0976 518253)

22.00 - 04.00 pounds 10

Heading to London Bridge on a Friday evening never seemed so appealing. Reinforced Records celebrate the release of The Enforcers Vol. 2 with their very own Dego joined by Giles Peterson, Phil Asher, Lady Miss Kier, Ian and DJ Stretch. Aside from the aural annhilation there'll be a thumb ripping games showdown. So hold on to your hats it's drum'n'bassexperimentalisedhouse arch rupturin' all the way!

Club Foot @ The Escape, Brighton ( 01273 606906) 22.00 - 02.00 pounds 6/pounds 5 membs/NUS

Make for southern shores for a taste of jazzy acid disco house, funky techno and psychadelic techouse from this weeks guests Terry Francis and Nathan Cole.

Audio Friction Party @ Adrenalin Village SW11 (0171 490 4707)

22.00 - 05.00 pounds 10

Support the snowboarding sisters and brothers of the UK at this massive bash to raise money for BSA. Set to storm the stage with live appearances are hip hop headz the Dust Junkeys, ballistic break beat afficienados Environmental Science and the dynamic Vitro. Whilst the turntable action is left to Brian Gee, Freakniks, Shuff and Rolo plus more. Don your baggies and slam.

Steppers' Delite @ The Roadhouse Manchester (0161 228 1789) 22.00 - 03.00 pounds 6/pounds 5 adv

Jayne Compton calls on some female chums to join her behind the turntables. This month Mo Wax's Andrea Parker journeys up to Manchester to join JC for some freestylin' fun.

Haywire 1st Birthday Party @ The Planet, Coventry (01203 221167) pounds 8/pounds 5 membs/NUS

There's nowt like a full on birthday bash. Tonight the techno fraternity will be blowing out a candle with Andrew Weatherall, Daz Quayle and The Psychonauts. Plus a promising live appearance from Ectomorph. Laser pens at the ready.

Jackpot @ Subterania W10 (0181 960 4590) 22.00 - 03.30 pounds 10

Thaw your freezing cockles to a selection of hot samba sounds courtesy of Basement Jaxx . Joining the Brixton boys are Jools Brettle and Phil Sagar. Crazy arsed disco magic guaranteed.

Gatecrasher and Golden present The Winter Ball @ The Studio, Wolverhapton (0121 605 8970)

22.00 - 06.00 pounds 15 members only. Call no. above for membership

Hands aloft for a barrage of house magic. Two of the biggest northern house clubs join forces for a gigantic four to the floor spectacular. The main room houses Judge Jules, Tall Paul, John Kelly, Jeremy Healy, DJ Sonique, Scott Bond and Matt Hardwick. Meanwhile in room two it looks like it'll be a busy night for Golden's Pete and Dean. In room three its Hardy and Edwards. More fierce than a lion on heat.

Garage City @ Bar Rumba W1 (0171 734 0610) 21.00 - 06.00 pounds 12/pounds 10 b4 00.00/pounds 5 b4 23.00

Before all the media furore began over the garage they call 'speed' there was Garage City. Not too surprisingly its still here and busier than ever showcasing the best in both UK and US garage. Guests tonight include Femi B and Phil Asher with a live PA from Gerideau. Early arrival essential!

Dionysus @ The Pier Hastings (01424 428306) 21.00 -02.00 pounds 6/pounds 4 b4 22.30

Can you understand the appeal of men whipping off their satin shirts in clubland? No neither can I. Praise the lord then for Dionysus' 'no bare chests' policy. This week the ever popular Come Dancing crew will be causing a storm with house anthem after anthem, and a few chart classics thrown in for good measure no doubt.

Sunflowers @The Aquarium EC1(0171 729 9779) 09.00 - 18.00 pounds 7/pounds 5 membs/NUS/free b4 10.00

The aptly named resident Darren Poole is joined by cohort Luke Biancaccio and guests to mark one year of Sunflowers' full on daytime house action. Aside from the usual dancefloor steps there promises to be a spot of synchronised swimming in the pool. Nose clip essential.