It's an amazingly wonderful movie and it's a movie about Americanism and about the notion of a team that faces a huge crisis and people work all day, every day, and they finally find a way to solve it by the narrowest of margins, and of very calm courage, and of the kind of courage that Eisenhower described as being held by the young men that landed at Normandy. And it is a remarkable kind of thing.

Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House of Representatives, sums up Apollo 13, Sight and Sound

The Age of Innocence got made. Everybody said, "Wow! You can get that cast and that director for that?" So they all just went to their favourite books. It's like everybody in Hollywood went back to school.

Lindsay Doran, producer of the forthcoming Sense and Sensibility, on the current vogue for Jane Austen films, New Yorker

People in bands are not hard. The only reason they learned to play their guitars is because they were all bullied at school.

Raymond McGinley, of Teenage Fanclub, Time Out