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Jane Cassidy tallies up Pete Goss's next world-beating sailing adventure
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He made headlines worldwide when he rescued French sailor Raphael Dinelli during the Vendee Globe single-handed round-the-world yacht race in 1996. For his bravery, he was awarded France's highest accolade, the Legion d'honneur. And, as he recounts in Close to the Wind, he also operated on his own elbow during the Vendee - without anaesthetic, using instructions beamed to him on his boat by a doctor. Now adventure-seeking Pete Goss MBE, 37, is working on a new pounds 4m revolutionary 120ft catamaran. The Goss Challenger can now be seen under construction at the Visitors' Centre, Baltic Wharf, Totnes, Devon (01803 865592). Once completed, Goss and a crew of four hope to beat Jules Verne's 71- day record for non-stop world circumnavigation, in April 2000. "The whole boat weighs less than a fully grown elephant," says Goss. "Weight is our enemy. We're even sawing our toothbrushes in half to make everything lighter and faster." Here's the price list so far. If you want to help with the sponsorship, you can sign your name on the catamaran's hull for a mere pounds 25.

The incredible hull Factory set up to build the Goss Challenger, pounds 180,000. Basic cost of boat, pounds 2.2m. A total of 68,000 screws to put boat together, pounds 1,000. Sails, pounds 220,000. Accommodation pod and fittings, pounds 250,000

When the wind blows Emergency medical equipment, pounds 2,000. Global communications technology, pounds 60,000

The big chill Special lightweight clothing per person, pounds 1,379.45 (includes ocean-dry body suit, pounds 799.95; long socks, per pair, pounds 79.95; thermal balaclava, pounds 9.95; ocean mitts per pair, pounds 59.95; yacht boots per pair, pounds 69.95)

Pass the port? Super-light packs of freeze- dried food, toilet roll, and matches, pounds 15 per person per day. Teabags, pounds 300. Lavatory, 50p (a plastic bucket). Suntan cream, pounds 400

Total pounds 2,925,847.75

Pete Goss's `Close to the Wind' is out in paperback on 3 June 1999, published by Headline, pounds 8.99. For more information visit