How much does it cost to travel in style? Aoife O'Riordain reports
Travelling first class is the best way to reduce the boredom factor of a long-haul flight - having all those flight attendants running around at your every whim. It also means that you don't have to spend eight hours cramped up in the same position with somebody falling asleep on your shoulder. In 1997, 12.5 per cent of all scheduled flight tickets from the UK were first- or premium-class. Airlines now pride themselves on having thought of everything the luxury traveller might require. There are, of course, a few extras no self-respecting stylish traveller can do without in order to reach their destination in a cool, calm and uncrumpled condition. Here's what you need for that little winter getaway ...

The ticket First-class to Barbados on BA, pounds 6,118

The luggage Louis Vuitton leather case, pounds 1,200; Smythson luggage labels, pounds 13.50 for 10; leather label case, pounds 15; Connolly travel wallet with space for 10 credit cards, four currency compartments, driver's licence, passport and ticket sections, pounds 350; Hermes Herbag (large bag which folds down into a handbag), pounds 650; Mulberry leather passport cover, pounds 59; Chanel hanging bag, pounds 289

The flight Decleor aromatherapy massage (before take-off), pounds 35; Pickett pashmina cashmere blanket, pounds 489; melatonin for jet-lag (unavailable in the UK), around pounds 4; Tiffany & Co pill box (to house melatonin) pounds 85; reading material: Vanity Fair, Time, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, The New York Times, pounds 20; JP Tods ultra-comfortable leather shoes, from pounds 175; Connolly leather vanity case, containing brushes, etc, mini-Leatherman and Jo Malone cosmetics, pounds 2,000; N Peal cashmere socks, pounds 45; Sony Walkman, (CD players or other laser equipment not allowed), pounds 45; Nintendo colour Gameboy, pounds 69.99

The arrival Patek Philippe Travel Time watch with dual hour hands (so you can tell the time back in Britain), pounds 6,970; Gucci sunglasses, pounds 89; Bosch World 718 international mobile phone, pounds 99.99

Total pounds 18,821.48