Melanie Clulow finds out how much it will cost to celebrate New Year's Eve 1999
It's Boxing Day. You've got five days to get up off the sofa and prepare for the next round of revelry. Exhausted from a week's over-indulgence, you may be tempted to watch the whole thing on TV and go to bed right after the 12th gong.

Well, it's New Year's resolution time, because begging off the second millennium's leaving-do just won't wash. It may already be too late and/or breathtakingly expensive to plan anything spectacular: the cruises, the flights to the South Pacific for the first sunrise, etc (see The Map, page 38). But you can probably still find a venue for your own do, although country houses are going fast (at up to pounds 20,000 per week).

Here's what you'll need to throw a memorable millennium bash:

Rooms for celebration Private function room above a pub, pounds 375; streamers and confetti, pounds 55; four cases 1988 vintage Champagne, pounds 1,341.60

Music making Non-famous DJ, pounds 1,150 - forget Goldie, you can't afford him. Prince's `1999' CD (to be played ad nauseam), pounds 16.49

Millennium munchies Canapes for 75 guests, pounds 843.75; bar staff and waiters, pounds 3,000

Party frocks Go haute or bespoke. What could be worse than starting a new century in the same outfit as someone else? pounds 750

Taking care of the tots Qualified childminders are expected to treble or quadruple their prices. Six hours of baby-sitting at pounds 37 per hour, pounds 222

Lighting up Firework shortages are predicted as China, the world's biggest producer, struggles to meet soaring demand. Basic ready-to-use millennium pack, with firing rack, pounds 150

Stumbling home Cab companies are keeping quiet about possible premiums, but count on at least pounds 50 in central London. And book ahead.

Total: pounds 7,953.84