The evidence The artist's studio

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Gary Perkins, the Tate Liverpool's resident artist, makes 1/20 scale models of sinister interiors, that are recorded by CCTV, and shown on nearby screens. This is a guided tour of his studio

"The miniature wheely bin beside the monitor [far right of picture] is an example of my work. The models on the shelf are more recent works. They are spaceships made from disposable objects, such as razors and shampoo bottles. At the time of the photograph, I was working on a miniature console table, the kind you would find in Star Trek or Thunderbirds. The air-conditioning here is a bit fierce, so I drink lots of water, that's why there's a bottle on my desk. The empty bottles usually find their way into my models. I also drink coffee, the cup on the desk was my attempt at getting organised to make it, but that's as far as I got - I haven't got a kettle yet, so the cup is just full of screws. The Post- It notes on the wall are phone numbers - one is my girlfriend's, I need a reminder because she keeps moving. The newspaper articles feature two submarines I'm interested in for an exhibition. I'm exploring submarines as a metaphor for space travel. The black-and-white images are of a vacant submariner's house in Helensborough, where we had an exhibition. There's a postcard on the wall by Martin Parr, the Magnum photographer. It's of a child on a ride in New Brighton, I really like it."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Ken Grant