The evidence: The cocktail waiter's workstation

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Jamie Terrell is head barman at Mash, the restaurant in central London

"There is more or less everything you need at this workstation. I use the fruit (1) to garnish the cocktails. We always use double measures (2) in all the drinks here. The implement on the left (3) is for making melon balls, which I use in Melon Martinis. The one next to it is a zester (4) for oranges and lemons. The barspoon (5) can be used as a measure but I use it for floating champagne down the glass. The ginger cordial I use for making a Ginger Tom (6), one of the cocktails I invented. In the business we call these a Boston tin and glass (7), otherwise known as a cocktail shaker. The strainer (8) is used when want liquid but no ice in the glass. We have lots of different types of juices and purees, plus pasteurised egg white (9) which I use to froth up Whisky Sours. I've invented most of the cocktails on our menu and have a repertoire of more than 400. This is the speed rail (10), where I keep the bottles I use most. My girlfriend provides most of my inspiration so I usually play around with things she likes. I like mainly vodka-based drinks but it depends on what kind of mood I'm in."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Claudia Janke