Lorraine Ashtown of Kiss 100 gives us a guided tour of the studio she shares with Dani Behr and Janice Vee

"The parrot is part of a sexy Ann Summers G-string. Big John, our blow-up doll, used to wear it, but someone stole him. Janice and I love Jack Daniels, we don't go anywhere without drinking it. The Coca Cola is a mixer for the JD. The Polaroid is of us and Rhona Mitra, who played Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. The Johnson's Baby Oil dates back to when we interviewed [American R&B band] Usher. We had been threatening to cover them in baby oil as a ruse to get to touch their biceps. There are also lots of Chupa Chups, we love lollies. Glitter is another staple. Janice and I went to Ibiza on holiday and made lots of money glittering people up. I'm actually quite worried - we've stockpiled so much glitter upstair in our office. But I'm not sure it's even going to be in fashion next season."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain Photograph by Darren Regnier