Jo Hansford has a salon in Mayfair and her own range of hair-colouring products. Clients include, Kate Winslet, Melanie Griffith and Elizabeth Hurley

"Technically this office is a dungeon as it's below street level. Everything is run from here and about seven people - including the lady who does the mail order - share this tiny space, so it's a complete nightmare. I was at the Bafta awards the other day, we are the official stylists for Bafta but I also did Cate Blanchett's and Sandy Powell's hair. I kept the programme (1) as we also took out an advertisement. My husband shares the office too, this is his ashtray (2). I tried putting up a `no smoking' sign but he took no notice. I am currently extending my range of products (3) so there are lots of samples (4) all over the place We've started compiling a showreel of all our television work so we have lots of tapes (5). The vitamins (6) are for any of the staff, the slightest hint of a cold and I throw them down their throats. I keep all my appointments in my Filofax (7), well my PA does, I never look so I'm always asking her, `What am I doing tomorrow?'. It's usually better not to look, otherwise I just end up thinking, how many things can you do in a day?"

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Claudia Janke