Emily Todhunter is an interior designer whose clients include the smart society set and London restaurants Daphne's and Floriana (about to open in Beauchamp Place)

"The rattan basket (1) contains samples from our new wallpaper collection, Paper Library, which we are producing with John Oliver. They are really subtle colours, like creams, beiges and browns, which I love. The pen (2) belongs to Kate, my partner, she's notorious for her violet felt-tip. She puts crosses through everything. The plastic box (3) is what we term our project box. Any bits connected to a job we are working on get hurled in there - anything from a doorknob to a piece of stone. On the shelves (4) are colour boxes, where all the fabric samples are kept. There's a box for every colour - it means that when I'm working on a colour scheme I will have around 300 different shades of cream to play with. The hanging book (5) contains swatches of the most wonderful silks from Knowles and Christon - a major inspiration for our wallpaper collection. The plans and swatches (6) on the table are for schemes we are working on for Raymond Blanc's Manoir aux Quat' Saisons in Oxford. Kate is incredibly organised, which is lucky because I'm not, and with eight of us in the office, it takes quite a lot of organising."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Darren Regnier