The evidence: The massage therapist's work station

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Carrie Tuke is a therapeutic and shiatsu masseuse and teaches yoga at London's Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine

"I use the futon (1) on the floor, particularly when I'm giving a shiatsu massage. I favour the floor because you have more space, people are generally more comfortable and you can move them around more easily. I bought the table (2) while I was living in New York. Everyone who sees it wants one as it's incredibly light, but I cannot find the company which manufacturesit. I use the mats (3) for yoga and the belts (4) help people to get into the positions. I also use the blocks (5) during yoga, for people who are particularly stiff, to prop them up and give them a better sense of the position.I have two of those shells (6) - I found them on a beach in Spain, they remind me of feet. I mix my own oils. One of the bottles (7) contains frankincense, which is calming, and another bottle (8) contains, among other things, ginger and eucalyptus, which are good for circulation. I realise how important my watch (9) is when I leave it behind at somebody's house. I'm always carrying lots of bags (10), which has resulted in a dreadful nickname - the bohemian bag lady."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Adrian Fisk