Jonathan Rutherford Best is managing director of Urban Productions, a party production company. Events have included the launch of Louis Vuitton's Bond Street shop and the `Velvet Goldmine' film premiere party at last year's Cannes Film Festival

"We love our new iMac computer (1). It's great because we can hotdesk around the building as there are plugs everywhere. We always have flowers (2) in the office to brighten things up. Every day we all have lunch around this table (3); if we have a job on, there can be as many as 20 people. We had a lovely lunch today as there was only a few of us. Downstairs, there is a huge reference library of recipe books which we dip into all the time when we are planning events - there's one on the table now (4). Our stereo system is piped through the whole building (5). We have lots of different ways of serving food; we don't really like to use trays, so are always looking for novel ways of doing it. We use these baskets for serving dim sum (6) and the ceramic ones are for Moroccan tagine (7). That is our big industrial oven (8) for making bread and things like that. Our panini maker (9) makes the most divine toasted sandwiches."

Urban Productions (0171-286 1700)

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photography by Darren Regnier