Liston Denys is a personal trainer and currently has 23 clients whom he visits two to three times a week.

"Everything in this bag is related to clients. I normally keep reports in the blue folder (1), although there are none in there at the moment as I've just given them out. I train using the Rollerblades (2) about three times a week, if it's not raining. The knee pads (3) are for protection, in case I get hauled over by one of my clients. The gloves (4) are for them to hit pad-bags which I hold up. Sometimes I use my hands, but the bags are useful for when someone has had a particularly stressful day! A skipping rope (5) is one of the best types of cardiovascular exercise - if you haven't got any equipment, it is the best thing. The card (6) is from a new restaurant, Che, I visited in London recently, I highly recommend it. The training heart-monitor (7) is to make sure I'm not killing any of my clients! My mobile (8) and Filofax (9) are my brain - I couldn't get by without them. The body splash (10) is there for obvious reasons - very handy for when you've been out running and don't have time to change."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photography by Darren Regnier