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One of last summer's blockbusters, The Rock (cert 15) starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, is a cocktail of action, adventure and comedy which boasts a well- crafted script. After its success at the box office, The Rock is now available to buy on video (pounds 14.99).

Courtesy of Hollywood Pictures Home Video, we have 10 copies on offer The film tells the story of disgruntled General Hummel (Ed Harris) who leads a crack team of mercenary commandoes to seize control of Alcatraz - known as The Rock. He threatens to plunge San Francisco into chaos with the use of chemical weapons if his demands are not met. With tourists being held hostage and the lives of millions of Americans at stake, a young FBI chemical weapons expert (Cage) and a top-secret federal prisoner (Connery) - the only convict ever to have escaped the island fortress - provide the only hope of saving the day.

The first five correct entries drawn from the postbag will win a copy of The Rock on video and also receive a Berghaus fleece, one of this season's essential fashion items, courtesy of Snow + Rock, the UK's leading adventure sports store.

Send your answer, and details, by 19 Sept to: Eye/Rock Offer, PO Box 348, PR Newslink, 9-10 Great Sutton St London EC1V 0DA. The next five correct entries drawn at random from the postbag will win copy of The Rock.

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A lanis Morissette's debut album, Jagged Little Pill, was released to critical acclaim in 1995, and has since sold 26 million copies. Warner Music Vision has followed this up with the release of the video, Jagged Little Pill "Live" (pounds 13.99), and we have 15 copies to give away, as well as 15 copies of the Alanis Morissette biography, Jagged, by Paul Cantin (pounds 9.99), courtesy of Bloomsbury Press.

The 90-minute video combines in-concert and behind-the-scenes documentary footage and also includes a limited-edition CD, with exclusive live tracks: "Perfect", "You Oughta Know" and Wake Up". It is released on 15 Sept.

For a chance to win a copy of the video and the biography, answer the following question: Which city in Canada does Alanis Morissette come from: a) Toronto b)Montreal or c)Ottawa?

Send your answer, and details by 19 Sept to: Eye/Alanis Offer, Parkes Print, 86 East Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 2HR. The first 15 correct entries drawn at random from the postbag will win.

Combining impressive special-effects and strong storylines, Babylon 5 has built up a strong following on British TV. With the fourth series going out on Wednesdays at 10.45pm on Channel 4, Warner Home Video is releasing Vol 26 in the series on video on 29 Sept. The Eye has a first prize of a set of Babylon 5 videos Vols 22, 23 and 24 to give away, which have been personally autographed by Bruce Boxleitner (aka Captain John Sheridan) and Claudia Christian, plus copies of Vols 25 and 26. Ten runners- up will each win copies of Babylon 5 Vols 25 and 26.

To enter, answer this question: Who plays Commander Susan Ivanova in Babylon 5? Send your answer, and details by 19 Sept to: Eye/Babylon Offer, Parkes Print, 86 East Ave, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 2HR. The first correct entry pulled from the postbag will win first prize, the next 10 will get the runners-up prizes.