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The End, 18 West Central Street, London (0171-419 9199). Fri 10pm- 5am, pounds 8/pounds 5 members/students.

House music has ruled clubland for many years now. New vibrations have come and gone, forced to merge with the all-powerful house sound or disappear from view. Drum'n'bass threatened to bring the house down, but seems to have settled for a stable, and relatively small, share of the market.

A new sound, stirring up interest around the country, hails from Bristol. Performers like Massive Attack and Tricky are already well known, but this latest strain has its roots in clubs.

Variously described as capturing "the sound of post-millennial tension" and "the sound of cities in decay", the club promotes gritty and abrasive sounds forged in the same urban mould as drum'n'bass. This is soul music for the 21st century: harsh drums and searing basslines, jazzy licks and silken vocals. Add a generous portion of reggae and breakbeat vibes and you're beginning to get the idea.

The End exclusively showcases this new vibe on Friday in "A London and Bristol Special". In the main room, Roni Size, DJ Krust and DJ Die distress the decks while the Weird Beatz Collective take care of business in the lounge area.

The End is one of the freshest looking venues in the capital. The night's aesthetics will be enhanced by a full-cycle video show and visual treats courtesy of Phantasmagoria.


Two pairs of VIP tickets for this one-off event at The End will go to the first two postcards to reach our mailbox. Send a postcard to Alister Morgan c/o The Eye, 18th Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, by Tue 28 Jan. For those of you who don't win the freebies, make sure you buy your tickets in advance.