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See that comedian returning to his stand-up roots - that's you, that is. The wonderful, bickering History Professors were just part of perhaps the most successful live double act of the early 1990s: Newman and Baddiel.

After a very public split following a mammoth Wembley Arena gig a couple of years back, Rob Newman went off to spend more time with his novels.

David Baddiel, meanwhile, set about creating another highly popular partnership - this time with his real-life flat-mate, Frank Skinner, on BBC2's Fantasy Football League.

As that era also draws to a close - Skinner is moving out of the flat and the duo are no longer sharing the TV sofa or singing hit footy anthems together - Baddiel has not been idle. He has written a (not altogether well-received) novel, and has a screenplay in development with Disney.

Most surprisingly of all, he has decided to take his show back on the road. The pre-publicity comes with severe health warnings - "the emphasis will be strongly on experimentation," it reads - but the act should still be worth catching.

For all the vitriol he copped with Newman, Baddiel is still an accomplished stand-up in his own right, with a line in confessional material - his interest in pornography featured in previous shows. Expect more sophisticated, sardonic soul-baring.


Not every comedian can claim to be big in Sweden, but Arj Barker can. The imaginative San Franciscan proves that not all Americans are born with an irony bypass.

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