The face is familiar...

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Will Patton. The blond hood in Desperately Seeking Susan; leather- clad sadist in After Hours; his talents were wasted as bearded bad guy in The Postman.

Dean Stockwell. Best known as Al in TV's Quantum Leap; finest moment powdered up and singing "In Dreams" in Blue Velvet; last seen as a crotchety judge in The Rainmaker.

Dan Hedaya. He was buried alive in thriller Blood Simple; Alicia Silverstone's grumpy dad in Clueless; and most recently underwent an enforced lobotomy in Alien: Resurrection.

John Lithgow. Deranged in Raising Cain and Blow Out; gooey in Bigfoot and the Hendersons; comic genius confirmed by TV's Third Rock from the Sun.

Brad Dourif. His finest moments: as the stuttering Billy Babbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; wide-eyed preacher boy in John Huston's Wise Blood.