The hidden havens on rooftops around the world, from Singapore to Milan

Rooftops give architects and designers a little more space to play with in bustling cities 

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From a mosaic-like garden in New York to a vertical forest in Milan, a new book is showcasing the stunning designs hidden on rooftops across the world.

Rooftops: Islands in the Sky explores how architects and designers are looking to the top of the skyline to expand the landscapes of dense cities. And the stunning, panoramic views afforded by their position are an added bonus. 

Scroll through the gallery below to see photographs of rooftops from Copenhagen to New York

The nineteenth century domed Fichte-bunker in Berlin is an example of an accidental haven from the metropolis - once a gasometer it is now some's home - while the sculptural red and white funnel on top of Singapore's CapitaGreen channels wind to cool the inside of the building and shows how rooftops can be beautiful and functional.

Over 50 bars and restaurants, temporary art installations, and gardens from Sydney to Hong Kong, Oslo to Chicago are featured in the book. 

Rooftops: Islands in the Sky will be released in December 2016 by Taschen.