The Independent's guide to love & sex starts this Saturday 13th September. Free with the print edition

They're the great driving forces of human affairs: the source of our deepest feelings and the inspiration for much of our culture. Yet how much do we understand love and sex? The Independent begins a unique 14-part series devoted to all aspects of love and sex: from the physical to the spiritual, the scientific to the romantic, the sublime to the ridiculous. Witty, informative and beautifully presented, these are the magazines that no one who is interested in the human condition should miss.

Saturday 13 September: Attraction

Sunday 14 September: Seduction

Monday 15 September: Consummation

Tuesday 16 September: Marriage

Wednesday 17 September: Taboos & Tolerance

Thursday 18 September: Desire

Friday 19 September: Romance & Passion

Saturday 20 September: Fantasies and Fetishes

Sunday 21 September: Infidelity

Monday 22 September: Men & Women

Tuesday 23 September: The Culture of Love

Wednesday 24 September: Heartbreak

Thursday 25 September: The Sex Industry

Friday 26 September: The Seven ages of Love

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