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Lime green knitted bag with faux tortoiseshell handles, pounds 54, Minh Mang. Available from The Cross, 141 Portland Road, London W11. Enquiries: 0171 498 3233

Printed vest from a selection (one size), pounds 30, by Born Free, from Duffer of St. George, 29 Shorts Gardens, London WC2. Enquiries: 0171 837 4757.

Beige wide leg cotton trousers (sizes 8-14), pounds 60, French Connection. Enquiries: 0171 399 7200

Weekender Harmonica, pounds 5.99, Rose-Morris music store, 11 Denmark Street, London WC2. Enquiries: 0171 836 0991.

Very basic harmonicas (they can go up to over pounds 100) like this one mean that even the most tone deaf amongst us can produce a satisfyingly musical sound. You can buy them from music shops anywhere and often 'bazaar' type places like Neal Street East in London's Covent Garden.

Travel watercolour set with 18 colours, pounds 32.75, Daler-Rowney. Available from The London Graphic Centre, 16-18 Shelton Street, London WC2. Enquiries/free mail order catalogue: 0171 240 0095.

You don't have to be a serious artist to use this sketcher's box. It comes in an attractive travel case so it's perfect for holidays when you might feel the urge to doodle. Other kits in the range come with their own mini water holder attatched, but this is by far the neatest.

Lilac knitted cardigan (sizes 8-14), pounds 34.99, Oasis. Enquiries: 01865 881986.

A bit like a thermal vest, it would look very pretty over a summer vest in the evening - watch for fluff on black clothes, though.

Candle, pounds 6, from a selection at Urban Outfitters, 36-38 Kensington High Street, London W8. Enquiries: 0171 761 1001.

One of many, many lovely, well-priced gift options in this new emporium. Unfortunately the stuff isn't available mail order - but it's definitely worth paying a visit.

Barbara Daly has created a new make-up range for Tesco. Great idea in theory - cheap products from a well known make-up artist. Only problem being that the mascara refuses to stay on and makes you look like you've been weeping. Not ideal, to say the least. If Barbara Daly's cosmetics make you feel like getting out of the mascara game for good, take it easy and have your lashes dyed instead. Around pounds 10 at your local beauty salon.