WE ARE very lucky people, those of us who work in fashion, that is - don't let anybody try to kid you otherwise. The reason I say this is because at Christmas we get lots of lovely pressies that make everything we have done in the last year worthwhile. One real pretty thing that springs to mind was this jolly nice silver necklace from a chap named Robert Tateossian. I couldn't possibly let you miss out on something that I have, so the news is that Mr Tateossian has gone global - mail order to be exact. The catalogue has both men's and women's jewellery, plus cufflinks and a new line of accessories. Perfect if your loved one failed to come up with that special gift at Christmas, or if the thought of Valentine's Day makes your heart sink - the answer is simple, order it yourself and nobody will know the difference! Telephone 0171 351 5671.

Good old Richard Branson. Being at the cutting edge of most things will really put his Virgin Atlantic airline staff on the map in 1999, as he has appointed designer John Rocha (British Designer of the Year in 1994) to create gorgeous uniforms to take them into the new millennium. From ground staff to trolley dollies, each and every one will be wearing a designer uniform. Mr Rocha will create a range of outfits to suit each job type - rather you than me, John.

Oo-er, I have one little prediction for 1998 which I'm afraid involves a man - Matt Damon, star of the fantastic film Good Will Hunting, which will be on release here some time this year (I saw it in the States last month). Not only is this boy cute, but talented to boot. Better watch your back, Brad.

I've become addicted to watching soaps over Christmas and New Year (I did have lots of parties to go to, but I felt like I was about to go down with the flu so I just had stay in and watch TV - you do believe me, don't you?). What on earth is going on in Coronation Street? The story line is quite exciting - poor old Deirdre, I do feel for her - but I find it really difficult to watch any scene that she's in, as the strain on her neck is incredible. I think she must suffer very badly after a long day's shoot. Then there's young Ashley, who we know is going to be taken for a complete ride by Zoe and baby; the question is, will it be before or after the helium overdose? Because, boy oh boy, he's certainly inhaling too much of the stuff. Apparently they (as in the producers etc) have to organise a delivery of helium-filled balloons whenever he's working. Come on, guys, I don't want to see the young lad out of a job or anything, but his voice takes the biscuit. Still when Corros gets too much, I switch over to Monsieur Mark Le Marr. I mention his name not only because he is witty, talented and OK-ish looking, but because I have a huge, massive (and it's growing rapidly) crush on him! So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I WILL now climb down off my high horse and take you back into the exciting world of fashion. Louis Vuitton, who make luxurious luggage items, have launched on the Internet. The website is aimed at those of you who like travelling and enjoy a certain standard of living and invites you to travel through a vast universe of elegance. Revealing the history of LV, the latest creations, and what's going on throughout the world. Yah! Unfortunately, the Internet and all that technology goes straight over my little bonce, but I'm sure you people out there in the know cannot wait to find out more. http://www.vuitton.com.