Narciso Rodriguez is the name on everybody's lips at the moment and is apparently going to be the designer for next summer. After leaving Cerruti earlier this year, he was snapped up by Loewe as design director and then made a separate deal with an Italian company to create his own label. Within nine weeks, he had produced his own collection - a very chic range which features daring fabric mixes of glass beading and sequins in every shade of pink, blue black and grey. His philosophy is to make powerful clothing that is above all realistic and accessible, a combination of classic, couture and street style. This guy knows where he's coming from. You and I can purchase his clothes from February at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and Leeds.

Covent Garden sees the opening of yet another store, O'Neill, which has been synonymous with sportswear since Mr Jack O'Neill created the first wetsuit in 1952 (bet you didn't know that). The store will house O'Neill's four clothing lines, Boardcore, 0'52, Main Line and Boardbabes - which must be for you active snowboarding girls out there. (Yes, I am brains of Britain, you don't have to tell me). O'Neill, 5 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London WC2.

Spotted at New York's JFK airport, laden down with designer carrier bags and stocking up on cheap but fab Maybelline mascara, were newish girl-band All Saints. The attention-seeking girls then proceeded to pose for each others photos with the sickliest of smiles. Cheeese. New York, New York is so good they felt the need to name it twice. All Saints, however, were I think named after the east London Docklands Light Railway station.

At Christmas, or any other time of the year for that matter, you have a few too many (which is completely acceptable, of course), you stagger around, fall asleep on the tube home, your glasses fall off and some inconsiderate bunny treads on them: pounds 200 pounds down the drain and problems finding your way home. Yes fellow four-eyes people out there, you know what I'm talking about. Well there's a fabulous new invention named Flexon which is the answer to all your problems. To cut an incredibly long press release short, Flexon is a titanium metal that can "remember" and return to its original shape. Perfect for us clumsy clots. Anyway, there are more than 60 styles for men and women and geometric and classic oval styles are available in both ophthalmic and sunglasses. Et voila. For further info call 0800 722020.

Thank God the Spice Girls decided to sharpen up their act for the royal premiere of their movie. Not a fluffy collar or pierced navel in sight, just five pin-stripe suits that revealed the right amount of cleavage - apart from Posh Spice that is, who doesn't have any to reveal. All the best girls are flat chested? Just try telling the boys that!

Are you one of those poor girls who has been waiting weeks for her stiletto ankle boots from Office? Fret not, Faith shoes have jumped on the bandwagon and produced their own version. In black leather and snakeskin, from pounds 40. Bargain. As well as the boot their ankle-strap red snakeskin shoes are a must to liven up any black outfit this Christmas. In stores now. Enquiries: 0800 289297.

If you're in doubt about how to wear your make-up this Christmas don't fret, just check out the cover of January's Face featuring Bridget Hall. Yes, you too can look like Coco the Clown. Must dash, I'm off to buy some face paint. Ciao.