The Intelligent Consumer: Fandango

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What a week! It's been a lot more exciting than most, thank God. After a little drinky at the new men's Jigsaw shop on Brook Street, I popped into the Met Bar (I feel like I've been living there this week). Anyway, there I am, trying to totter around in stilettoes, looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame (they're terrible for your posture, you know), and I spy Conner Reeves. Who you may ask? He's that cute, flat-capped, silky soul singer chap, who recently had a hit with his single, Heart Over Mind - a favourite little tune of mine at the mo. Well, my English reserve went straight out of the window as I shimmied over to him, introduced myself, then gushed words to the effect of: "Really like your record, you're great!" Yes I am cringing. Poor man. I think he thought he was being accosted by a raving lunatic - he'd be right of course. Anyway, he was very polite indeed, even when I (by now in a state of hysteria) knocked over a table of drinks and pretended that it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I then plucked up all my courage in my bones and asked him if he would sing a few bars of his song. Not wanting to let down his number one fan (I'll be boiling his rabbit next), he obliged, of course. And, boy, what a voice. It was like smooth velvet mixed with galaxy chocolate, with the soulfulness of Stevie Wonder. The warmth of his breath in my ear certainly added a little je ne sais quoi to the occasion. He was then treated to me gabbling on at 100 miles per hour, at which point he made a polite excuse and a sharp exit...

Now, on to much more important things, as I'm sure you are completely fed up hearing about my social life, plus I'm beginning to sound like Tara what's her face. Right, I could certainly do with some of these tummy- sculpting knickers, sorry briefs, especially when I've been a little piggy and eaten far too much. They are designed to gently hold and enhance the body contours as they have a reinforced tummy panel. The cotton and Lycra briefs from Marks and Spencer (pictured) are available in high or low leg and have a matching cropped top, without a reinforced front, thankfully, as we wouldn't want to squash our boobies would we? Breath in now girls. Speaking of undies, Bhs have organised a Lingerie Fortnight. From 9 to 23 November, if you spend pounds 30 or more on underwear you will receive a pounds 5 voucher to spend on womenswear (by the 24 December). And why not?

Check out the new collection created by Top Shop. TS Design is a range of sophisticated, modern pieces created for the Top Shop girl who has a bit more cash in her pocket and requires a little more elegance. Sexy pin-stripe suits, simple evening dresses with delicate ribbon straps, twinset cardigans and thigh-split skirts are just a few of the pieces that caught my eye. I particularly like this embroidered evening dress, modelled here by the lovely Emma Balfour (whose fringe could do with a little trim, in my humble opinion). Prices range from pounds 25 for a crochet vest to pounds 85 from a double-breasted coat. Available from selected stores across the country.

Okay, I give in. Christmas - I can't help but mention it. You see, House of Fraser have sent me a picture of this rather nice bag by Via Republica (left), which I feel would work rather well with the dress above. House of Fraser have every accessory you need for the festivo season, from feather boas, trimmed gloves (if you're a proper girl you won't leave home without them) to diamante crosses and earrings. If you don't fancy wearing them, I'm sure they'll make the perfect gift for a loved one instead.