The Knack

How to detoxify yourself, by Leslie Kenton

"There is a simple, natural method for periodic internal spring-cleaning, clearing away the waste that does not belong inside your body. Health farms charge a lot of money to do this, but you can do it yourself at home. Give up those things that are likely to build up toxins in your system for a period of 5-10 days (on the fifth day the first level of toxicity is removed from the body, but if you want to take it further, try 10 days). So give up wheat flour - which means pasta, cereals, etc - and all grains. Give up coffee and alcohol, and then eat at least 75 per cent of your foods raw. If you want a huge cleansing, eat 100 per cent of your foods raw, which is basically what they do at all the exclusive health spas. Have juices and wonderful raw salads - by this, I mean a myriad of vegetables, with olive oil and lemon juice as a dressing. For breakfast have only fruit, which is self-digesting, so that the liver, which is most active between midnight and midday, can go on cleansing your system without having to become involved in digestion.

You may experience reactions such as headaches or tiredness. Don't worry. These are due to the rapid mobilisation and release of toxins. Don't overtax your body by strenuous exercise: it is working very hard to clean and renew itself, so doesn't need any extra strain." Fiona McClymont

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