The Knack: How to get out of bed in the morning

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The show starts at four o'clock in the morning but I usually try to get there an hour and a half earlier, so I have to get out of bed at about 1.30am. Last night, for instance, the plan was to go to bed at eight o'clock so that I'd get a good five and a half hours' sleep. But if you're out at the pub, it's very hard to leave. I'm finding that you either have to sacrifice your social life completely to get a sensible night's sleep, or go out, get a bit drunk, and just hope to wake up in the morning.

With this in mind, I have been known to arrive late. Once, not only did I sleep in but so did my producer and the only other person on the show was too ill to come in. There was an empty studio and major panic. So, obviously, getting out of bed is quite a problem for most of us.

I have various appliances that I rely on to wake me up. Two alarm clock-radios, a big alarm clock, and I always book a wake-up call for every morning. Failing these, my producer will ring me if I'm not in the studio by a certain time - not much use in the instance above, obviously! I put the radio on straight away and listen to the presenter who's on before me, and he normally wakes me up by saying something funny. So that's what I try to do for everyone else when I'm on the air. Fiona McClymont

Chris Moyles presents Radio One's early morning show every day between 4am and 6.30am