The latest eco-friendly and alternative seating designs are being exhibited as part of The London Design Festival.


The London Design Festival is a nine-day celebration of design from around the world which takes place September 18- 26. The event combines international exhibitions, product launches and seminars on design.  Last year the annual event attracted an estimated 300,000 visitors comprised of consumers, design professionals and trade industry professionals.

Part of this year's event is the 100% Design London show - during which numerous new interior seating arrangements from designers such as Kotta, Bernini & Macri and James will be launched.

These designers are among several at the show who are launching products made from environmentally friendly, ethically sourced or alternative materials.

Kotta, a design company from Argentina, will be launching a range of indoor and outdoor seating constructed using environmentally sound materials. Italian designers Bernini & Macri will launch an ultra-modern seat constructed from concrete and British design company James, which constructs furniture using environmentally responsibly sourced materials, will be launching the Lucan and Aiken range of lounge chairs.

The Aluminium Chair by Zaaf Design approaches the idea of environmental responsibility in a different way, tailoring the manufacturing process so that the chair is produced with the minimum of wasted energy.

From October 8 to 10 design innovations for the kitchen and bathrooms will be presented at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, UK.

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