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CADS: Puccini's Baron Scarpia, double-crossed Tosca into trading her body for her lover's freedom; Raffles, stole from society women; Douglas Jardine, England cricket captain, ordered dangerous bowling in the 1933 'Bodyline' tour; James Steerforth, seduced Little Em'ly in David Copperfield; EastEnders' Dirty Den, did much the same to young Michelle Fowler; Cameron Fraser, left Elizabeth Archer pregnant and ran off with Caroline Bone's savings; Sir Francis Levison, seduced the virtuous Mrs Isabel Carlyle in East Lynne, and abandoned her when pregnant; a few Tory ex-ministers; Alan Clark thinks he is; all foreigners (as Michael Portillo has pointed out); Captain James Hewitt, broke the Guards' code of honour by selling his story about the Princess of Wales.