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Yee-Haw!!, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London N1 (0171-704 6665) 8pm

There once was a man named Dan Goggin who wrote a teeny, tiny musical which turned into a great, big hit called Nunsense. It even spawned sequels, for heaven's sake. Not bad for a show based on a series of greetings cards (I swear). Meantime, in darkest Islington, we now have the world's first pocket-sized, crazy, camp, cross-dressing, cowboy musical and it's a humdinger, yessirree. "Sing and dance/For no particular reason" is just one of the perky, profoundly daft songs delivered with insane good humour by a cast of six lunatics on Jan Rosser's gorgeously painted sets on a stage the size of a spittoon. Nick Atkinson is superb as naive Luke Calhoun who pitches up in Red Rock looking for Pa's gold, but suffers an attack of gingham and winds up having what The Flintstones described as "a gay old time". Everything but the horse, it's the silliest, most shamelessly enjoyable show in town.