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Paul Healy's recent job interview had him shaken but not stirred. "There must have been about 30 or 40 people there and most of them were dressed in James Bond gear," Healey, a media studies student from Burnley, explains. Having barely had time to check the Bond-age on display (ranging from "tuxedos" to "a few females dressed as Bond girls"), Healey found himself plunged into a group interview with a character from the famous films. Luckily, his grilling for a position as a "Special Agent" at the Royal Armouries World of 007 exhibition in Leeds was conducted by a charming Miss Moneypenny, who awarded him the job on the strength of his "customer services" skills - interpersonal aplomb gleaned largely, he explains,"from working in a Bingo hall"!

Though Healey's Bond trivia seems scant for an alleged aficionado (after a long pause, he reckons his favourite film of the series is Live and Let Die, which he "thinks" stars Sean Connery), a week-long induction course should let him know the difference between Cubby and purple sprouting Broccoli.

Thus equipped, special agent Healy will be directing visitors around the display, no doubt making sure they don't lightfinger any of the priceless exhibits, which include the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldeneye, Jaws's steel teeth from The Spy Who Loved Me, Rosa Klebb's flick-knife shoe from From Russia With Love and the jet plane from Octopussy. Visitors can follow different aspects of Bond's suave career, ranging from "women" and "Martinis" to "casinos" and, of course, "Q's gadgets".


Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds (0990 106666), from 23 May to 31 Aug