At its launch in February the Tesco Clubcard was scoffed at by the other supermarket chains. Now, Tesco have five million Clubcard members, sales have risen by 7 per cent (against the industry average of 3.5 per cent) and no major food retailer can ignore the marketing topic of the Nineties - customer loyalty reward schemes.


TESCO Clubcard: the first pounds 10 gives you 2 points, every pounds 5 thereafter gives 1 point. For 100 points you get pounds 5 off.

Equivalent to a 1 per cent discount.

ASDA Style Card: 1 point for every pounds 1 spent redeemable against clothes and leisure goods in selected stores only.

ASDA Club Card: redeemable against anything in store, points vary from store to store.

Both give around 2.5 per cent return.

SAINSBURYS Saver Card: 5 points for every pounds 10 spent, double points in July and August. Rewards are on a sliding scale depending on how much you spend. In selected stores for six month promotional periods only.

Discounts from 1 to 3.13 per cent.

SAFEWAY Added Bonus Card: 1 point per pounds 1, 100 points gives you pounds 1. Also offers free tickets to various attractions (Alton Towers, Madam Tussauds), one free child's ticket for every pounds 50 spent.

Equivalent to 1 per cent discount.