Antonia de Sancha gets it off her chest
"I FELT IT WAS like going to hell and back. It was appalling the way these disgusting journalists were out for the kill. They had no right to intrude on my personal life in the way that they did. I felt they should be turning around David Mellor's life and concentrating on him since he was the one with the responsible position in life, I was just an everyday citizen doing her own thing. The way they victimised me was almost barbaric and very hurtful and I would really like to see some of their lives jeopardised like mine. I suffered a great deal at the time as others in a similar situation suffer.

I can't see why someone like myself could be accused of premeditating something like that; having spent three years studying drama and being broke in order to do it - why on earth would I kiss and tell? I've had plenty of opportunities during my life to kiss and tell and it never even occurred to me to do it. It's just people's ignorance that gets in the way and causes them to be judgmental and believe what they see and hear. I have no control over that issue other than that I know it's not true, my friends know it's not true and my family know it's not true and that's all that matters to me.

If a similar situation had happened in France, for example, they couldn't have cared less about it since it would bear no relevance to the professional nature of someone's life.

I'm thrilled it is all behind me, I couldn't be happier. It was all a rather surreal dream and now it's over life is very good. I almost can't remember what happened because I've eradicated it from my mind having gone through the whole exodus process and got it off my chest."