The real feelgood factor

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The new sensuality is not necessarily kitsch of a rejection of minimalist values, but an add on. Get the look by combining the very cheap with luxuriously expensive items.

Satin quilt, pounds 76.50, Gail Skerritt, for stockists telephone 0171 272 7970; large velvet cushions, Addie Trude Textiles, for mail order and stockists telephone 0181 348 8981; Pigskin bean-filled cushion, pounds 140, and small scented cushions in satin, leather and suede, pounds 63 for three, all from Donna Karen, 19 New Bond Street, London W1

Fake fur cushions: all from Evertrading (see above for details) except giraffe print cushion, pounds 100, from Dickens & Jones, 224-244 Regent Street, London W1, 0171 734 7070

Pom-pom stool, Precious McBane, pounds 220, For stockists, telephone 0171 403 5270; Leopard print footstool, pounds 110, Dickens & Jones, as before, Velvet footstool, pounds 420, Evertrading, as before

Fake fur and wool throws, approx pounds 400, from Evertrading, as before