Annette Worsley-Taylor has represented British designers since 1974. Her name has long been synonymous with London Fashion Week, for which she is a consultant.

"Since I can remember I've had a passion for fashion. At 12, I was out there shopping - whatever the look, I had to have it, whether it suited me or not. After school I wanted to be an opera singer but wasn't dedicated enough and ended up at the house of Christian Dior in London. Then, at 21, a designer friend and I set up our own little boutique in London called Tsaritsar.

"After Tsaritsar, I opened another shop focusing on British fashion, which brought me into close contact with the designers themselves and led to my representing them. That's how the first "London Designers Collection" exhibition got started. I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility and commitment to the designers, because I care about British fashion and I'm a perfectionist. So anything I'm in charge of has to be perfect, or it's not worthwhile.

"I think the important thing is to establish what you are good at and, equally, what you are not. Try to learn from someone who knows the business inside out. You should always reach for the stars and demand the best of yourself. You have to compromise to some extend but when it comes to work, you have to set high standards.

"You must have an enormous passion for what you are doing. My passion is London Fashion Week and the determination to make it a success season after season. If you want to do a job properly you have to put all your energy behind it and, come hell or high water, pull things through no matter what the cost."

Stefan Lindemann